A Part of My Soul Left the Day Your Heart Stopped Beating....

Jun 4, 2010

Not Ready Yet!!

People/friends keep asking me (at different times of course) when are we going to try again for another baby. It makes me feel uncomfortable for people to ask me that..even my best friends. I guess in a way it makes me feel guilty about thinking about another baby when I still miss this one.

I just tell them...oh we will, eventually. Even today my mother-in-law's first question to me when I mentioned I was on a "crazy chocolate fix" was "Are you pregnant?"....NO! NO, NO, NO, NO!!! I AM NOT! I finally told her and a best friend that I just wasn't ready yet. I told them both the earliest it would be for me to begin trying or thinking about it would be August/September! Just let me be and please quit trying to "force" a pregnancy on me when I'm still in such turmoil and anxiety over the last.


  1. I found your blog on Lori's and wanted to tell you that I am sorry for you loss. So many people don't understand grief or that their words are painful. I am sorry that you keep hearing, 'are you going to try again soon?' Your daughter is no less your daughter just because she didn't stay with you for very long. I hope that people in your life give you the support you deserve. Each life is precious and important and it is obvious that you are grieving your baby girl.

  2. It IS hard....and people may mean well but having another baby doesn't make the loss of this one any easier!!! Children are NOT interchangeable.

    Or replaceable.

    So sorry for others pushing you. When you are ready and in YOUR time!!!