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May 26, 2010

Busy Time of the Year & Stress

I feel like I'm going at a very fast pace. I teach and it's the end of the year. Lots of paperwork, assessments, things to do to close out the year. Add to that a 3 year old, a husband who is looking a new job because his company may be closing its doors, a dog in heat who has all but ruined my carpet and new bedspread, trying to finish my Masters degree (I graduate in December)I feel worn out.

Yet I constantly feel a little anxiety in me that is beginning to get on my nerves! I feel like I need to relax and I don't know how. Everything I try doesn't work. Hot baths, reading, exercising...nothing. I feel like I just want to scream. I have cried out, I have pleaded with God to help me not be nervous/anxious and to help me overcome my anger and short fuse as of late. That is the only thing that has come close to making me feel better but, I can't cry out at work or in other places I may be. My acid reflux is acting up horribly because of the stress. I'm not sleeping well. I almost drift off to sleep and then I shoot straight up in bed almost wide awake. It even makes me feel weird for a bit.

Any suggestions would be helpful. The only time I do feel somewhat "normal" is when I go home to visit my parents and I'm most grateful when I'm able to do that.

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  1. Oh friend, I wish I had something to tell you that would work, but honestly, ME TOO!!! I'm just at a loss and beg God to help my anxiety.

    I know the stress of the end of the year (with all the rest you have going) is so hard...I'll pray that the days to come are short and that you will be able to relax and rest some when school is out.

    Lots of love!!